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The Serengeti National Park is over 5700 sq mi in northern Tanzania in the eastern Mara Region with a virgin savannah.  Serengeti is well known for the largest annual animal migration with over 1.5 million blue wildebeest, zebra along with smaller herds of Thomson’s gazelle and elands.  Serengeti is also home to the largest population of lions in Africa.  The permanent residents are the Masai people, who also use the park as farmland for their herds. However, the government has restricted their movements and the park boundaries were finalized split off in the eastern part of the national park and re-established as Ngorongoro Conservation Area intended to accommodate the traditional land use interests of the Maasai people in a multiple land use area.

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Exploring the Wild Side of Serengeti National Park

Get ready for a wild ride in Serengeti National Park in Northern Tanzania as we delve into the captivating landscapes, magnificent wildlife, and unforgettable African safari experiences that this gem has to offer. Serengeti National Park, famous for big herds of wildebeests and Zebra, forms a comprehensive insight into Serengeti’s rich flora and fauna.

A safari to Serengeti National Park, especially on a self-drive, is a gateway to nature’s wonders in connection with the untamed beauty of Tanzania. The Great Migration, the Big Five, create long-lasting memories that will last a lifetime. Embrace responsible tourism to ensure the preservation of this ecological treasure for generations.


Serengeti National Park formed a Lion Conservation Unit with more than 3,000 lions living in this ecosystem. African leopards are estimated at 5.41 individuals per 100 km2 in the dry season. African elephants number to over 5,000 individuals. The Cape buffalo population is about 28,524 individuals. Other mammals include Cheetahs, spotted hyenas, Black-backed jackals, golden wolves, honey badgers, banded mongooses, and two species of otters.  African striped weasel, bat-eared fox, crested porcupine, three species of hyraxes and Cape hare.  Over 500 bird species can be seen such as Masai ostrich, red-billed buffalo weaver, southern ground hornbill, and many species of vultures among others