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4×4, Dar es Salaam Car Rentals. Rent a Car in Tanzania for self-drive trips on your African Holiday. Book a self-drive trip starting in Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, or Arusha. Pick up your rented 4×4 car in Tanzania from the airport, hotel, and residence. We offer the best rates on self-drive holidays because we know safaris in Africa are more expensive. Drive in Tanzania with a reliable car fleet for self-guided Tours in Tanzania and beyond. Choose Camping Safaris with a 4×4 equipped Jeep. We have options for one-way rentals, picking up from Dar es Salaam and dropping off in Kilimanjaro, Moshi, or Arusha.

Self-drive Safaris are more popular in Tanzania and East Africa, simply because they offer a lot of privacy and flexibility. Travel from Tanzania to Kenya, crossing over to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Self-drive Safaris in Tanzania are an ideal way to get rid of strict schedules for normal guided tours. Choose a self-drive holiday for Tanzania Safaris and explore the magnificent wilderness at your own pace. With our 4×4 Budget Car Rental services, expect the best holiday in East Africa. Here you will discover the breathtaking landscapes with stunning wildlife from Dar es Salaam to the nearby and far destinations for an ultimate adventure!

4x4 Safaris and Camping - Tanzania

Choose your itinerary and drive your adventure. With our Car hire services, you will be able to adjust the time depending on your interests. Choose to cross borders Tours through East African countries and explore more Africa has to offer. We will let you about what is required to cross with the car. You can choose to drive a one-way car hire within Tanzania and beyond. Visit Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire. Cross to Kenya to the Mara Triangle in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, to Uganda in the deep rain forests, and to Rwanda.

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4x4 off-Road - Tanzania

Rent a 4×4 Land Cruiser for self-drive Holidays in Tanzania. This is an automatic transmission, a great option for longer day drives because of its comfortability.

4x4 Camping - Tanzania

Starting from Dar es Salaam. Drive to southern Tanzania to places like Mikumi National Park, Nyerere, and the most remote Katavi National Park. We have the best rates on camping.

4x4 Double Camping

Rent a 4×4 Land Cruiser for self-drive Holidays in Tanzania. This is an automatic transmission, a great option for longer day drives because of its comfortability.

Book for One-way Rentals - Self-drive Trip in Tanzania

Self-driving on your Tanzania holiday is the best way to explore the vast land of Tanzania and East Africa. This option of self-guided safari keeps your budget low. You will be able to adjust the itinerary as per the day’s request. There are several places you would like to visit on your holiday in Tanzania. Distances to cover are pretty huge, which lasts for hours while driving. Picking up the car from Dar es Salaam, parks like the Morogoro, Ruaha National Parks, and Selous National Park will be on your whilst. They have a lot more to offer you on a wildlife safari. However, you may need to explore the northern part of Tanzania in the Kilimanjaro, Arusha, and Manyara regions. For this case, you opt for a one-way rental, leaving the car in Arusha or Kilimanjaro and taking a plane to Zanzibar or back home.

Safari Car Hire in Tanzania and Self-drive

4×4 Land Cruiser for Self-drive tours

Land Cruiser V8 at 110 a day. Rent an off-road 4×4 Land Cruiser with automatic transmission for Safaris in Tanzania on a self-drive. Book for Kenya and Uganda safaris plus other East Africa destinations. Choose a city you pick up and where you drop off. This 4×4 is ideal for 5 persons with enough space in the trunk for luggage.

What's a safari like in Tanzania with Self-drive Tour

Famous Tanzania Safaris is one of the safaris that are enjoyed to the fullest of its glory. The Land that is filled with pure adventures. Tanzania is located in East Africa, south of the equator, and is East Africa’s largest. You might very well have heard a lot of Tanzania as a tourist spot, as it is a very famous world attraction. Take a Self-drive tour to the plains of Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater, and hike Mount Kilimanjaro which is Africa’s highest mountain are some of the attractions that are found in this place. Other attractions like Zanzibar with its best beaches, and the historic stone town. All these make Tanzania very famous for people to visit from all over the world. This is not all of it but just the beginning as there are a lot of things to venture out in the state of Tanzania. Almost everywhere you go; you find some of the best teeming wildlife to watch. Without any doubt, this is one of the best places to have a vacation holiday on self-drive and camping.

Tanzania Holidays and Self-drive Tours

If you are interested in taking an unforgettable Self-guided trip to Africa, then you may be interested in the many different destinations in Tanzania. Tanzania is filled with different types of adventure activities and attractions. Ruaha National Park in the southern parts, the biggest in Africa, Kitulo National Park with amazing sceneries, and also different types of game viewings.

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Choose Camping on your Safari

Camping during your Africa holiday, especially on a self-drive tour is the best way to avoid the crazy rates of Safari lodges. Africa safari costs are determined by the mode of accommodation you choose. With camping either ground camping or overhead camping with rooftop tents, you reduce the costs. We have single, double tents, and family tents depending on your requirement.

East Africa Self-drive Tours to Consider and One-way Rentals

East safaris are the most interesting among all African Safaris. Add more destinations on your whilst when you choose this part of Africa for holidays. With these safaris, the best experience is with a one-way rental. Choose your itinerary and if you are not so familiar with long cross-border road trips, book in-land charters for some distances. With our team, you will have a very friendly customized itinerary with short drives to the best rewarding safari destinations.

We are your choice because

  • We’re budget
  • We are one-way
  • We’re 24/7 at service
  • We offer free deliveries
  • We are local tour guides
  • Free mileage and insurance
  • We offer quick confirmations
  • We offer roadside assistance

We provide you with basic 4×4 Cars for self-drive tours around Tanzania. Our vehicles are carefully serviced to meet the requirements of a jungle holiday. Most of our vehicles are 4×4 with automatic transmission, making them very easy to operate. Book a one-way Rental and Camping.

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When to Do East Africa Trip.

East Africa is better in the dry season from late June to October. This is when animals are easier to find around water holes and rivers. The dry season corresponds partly with the high travel season, hotels, lodges, and camps get crowded causing accommodation prices to shoot up. Besides all that, the perfect time to come on a safari depends a lot on which national parks and game reserves you want to tour. Wildlife concentrations tend to vary distinctly, depending on the season of course, and some lowland parks can be completely unreachable during the rainy seasons.