Ruaha National Park - Tanzania Self drive Safaris

Ruaha National Park is an addition to the Usangu Game Reserve with a size of about 20,226 km2. Ruaha lies 130kms west of Iringa. Ruaha is derived from the Great Ruaha River, which flows along the southeastern margin of the park, and this is the best spot for game-viewing. A dirt road from Iringa and the two airstrips – Msembe and Jongomeru Airstrips, are the very options available to reach this park.

Ruaha National Park- Tanzania Self drive Safaris
Ruaha Self drive Safaris in Tanzania

During the dry season from May to October, temperatures reach up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit with dry weather and little to no rainfall. The vegetation becomes dry, and rivers and water sources dwindle. Ruaha has more than 571 species of birds identified, and the common resident species are hornbills. Cheetahs, lions, African leopards, wild dogs, spotted hyenas, giraffes, hippos, African buffalos, and sable antelopes are spotted often in Ruaha.