Nyerere National Park - Self-drive Tanzania

With a total area of 50,000 km2, Nyerere National Park is the biggest game reserve in Tanzania. The park has a diverse wildlife which includes the African bush elephants, black rhinoceros, hippos, lions, and African wild dogs. All human presence in this area is controlled by the Wildlife Division of the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

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Nyerere National Park in Tanzania, A Safari Adventure like no other

Nyerere National Park has a hidden gem nestled in Tanzania’s wilderness.  While on a Safari here, you uncover the wildlife attractions on self-guided tours that make Nyerere National Park a must-visit destination. A Safari here Unveils Nature’s Finest Experience. Encountering diverse wildlife like the big cats which include Lions, leopards, African elephants, and giraffes, among other countless creatures. Nyerere National Park is a Photographer’s Paradise. The diverse ecosystem with wildlife species brings you to witness the dramatic scenes of predators parallel to the prowl and prey. Self-Drive Tours in Nyerere Park break you free from the traditional safaris, and you take charge of your wildlife adventure holiday to navigate the park’s hidden gems at your own pace. Camp in designated campsites and uncover a true sense of wilderness, Nyerere National Park hosts.

Location within Tanzania

Interesting places in Nyerere National Park include the Rufiji River, which flows into the Indian Ocean opposite Mafia Island.  The Stiegler Gorge is a canyon of 100 meters in depth and 100 meters in width. The reserve is large and the densities of animals are lower than in the more regularly visited northern tourist circuit of Tanzania. In 1976, Nyerere Game Reserve contained over 109,000 elephants, and it had the largest population in the world.

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Most of the reserve remains set aside for game hunting. This is organized through several privately leased hunting concessions. The northern section along the Rufiji River is a designated photographic zone and is a popular tourist destination in this reserve. There are several lodges and campsites, mainly situated along the river and lake systems in this area. Walking safaris are permitted in this Nyerere National Park, and boat trips on the Rufiji river are a popular activity.